• Simple Body Massage (Abhyangam)

    Daily practicing of Abhyangam enhance well being and longevity. It especialy corrects the imbalamce in vata dosha. Benifits of Abhyanga includes the increase of circulation, stimulation of internal organ of the body decrease in the effects of ageing, maintaining the lubrication of joints etc. And it is advocated to practice especialy in head, ear and foot.

  • Udwarthanam (Medicated Powder Massage)

    Udwarthanam is the massage with dry medicated powder in the opposite direction of hair follicle. It is especialy reduces obesity, improves Circulation, Burns the subcutaneous fat, give strength to the body muscle & nerves, improves skin complexion and restore the energy of body.

  • Kizhi

    Kizhi one of the trade mark of Keraleeya Panchakarma is an effective as well as main therapy of many of chronic as well as dreadful disorders. Kizhi is a kind of fomentation therapy which is done using a warm poultice containing herbs, herbal powders, rice or sand.

  • Dhara

    Dhara is the most known Ayurveda therapy. Without Dhara therapy, the Ayurveda is not completed. The main ingredients of Dhara are herbal oil, coconut water, milk, ghee etc. Dhara usually takes some time to finish and it’ll take 25 to 75 minutes time duration.

  • Sirovasthi

    One of the effective treatment procedure in nervous system disorders. It is the process of keeping specific medicated oil on the head for a particular period of time. The selection of oil and duration of procedures vary according to condition and persons.

  • Hijama

    It is a kind of blood purification method using cupping.It can be also done using leeching. It will help in purification process by letting out impure blood. So it is very effective in blood clotting condition of hemiplegia and Eczema like skin conditions.

  • Agni karma

    It is a type of traditional form of treatment using hot metals used in different pain conditions and veriscope vein etc.

  • Jalaukavacharana

    It is one of the blood cleaning and purification therapy. And it is one of the novel donation of ancient science to the modern world. In Ayurveda it is considered as a method of rakthamoksha, that is the prime process of detoxification. Leech therapy is very much effective in skin disorder, unhealed ulcers, vericose vein, stroke and in some eye diseases.

  • Kshara Karma

    Application of alkaline powder in polyps, warts and external growth.

  • Pizhichil

    Term Pizhichil means squeezing. The medicated oil is squeezed from a cloth dipped in the oil to the patient from a specific height for a particular time. It is useful in rheumatic complaints, arthritis and many kind of neurological disorders including stroke. Pizhichil helps in promoting proper blood circulation regulating blood pressure, nourish skin and reguvenating the body.

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